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Anarchism without adjectives flag. by RoboticAnarchist Anarchism without adjectives flag. :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 8 12 Flag of the National Federation of Laurentia by RoboticAnarchist Flag of the National Federation of Laurentia :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 3 0 Snow!! by RoboticAnarchist Snow!! :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 3 3 Communist Alaska flag by RoboticAnarchist Communist Alaska flag :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 9 5 Woodstock by RoboticAnarchist Woodstock :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 4 0 My tylosaur oc by RoboticAnarchist My tylosaur oc :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 2 4 Ophthalmosaurus oc by RoboticAnarchist Ophthalmosaurus oc :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 1 1 Exploring  by RoboticAnarchist Exploring :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 1 0 Another view of paradise by RoboticAnarchist Another view of paradise :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 10 2 Atop of the waterfall  by RoboticAnarchist Atop of the waterfall :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 1 0 I found paradise... by RoboticAnarchist I found paradise... :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 4 7 Over look by RoboticAnarchist Over look :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 3 0 The dry chasm by RoboticAnarchist The dry chasm :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 4 0 Where I lie in the political compass by RoboticAnarchist Where I lie in the political compass :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 3 0 My Fascist symbol by RoboticAnarchist My Fascist symbol :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 5 0 Worst flag ever by RoboticAnarchist Worst flag ever :iconroboticanarchist:RoboticAnarchist 0 0


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Anarchism without adjectives flag.
Got bored. Made a flag.

Symbolism & stuff:

The star represents socialism.

The A represents anarchism.

The color represents freedom and Revolution.

The color white represents peace and neutrality.  
Flag of the National Federation of Laurentia
Well. It's been a long time since I uploaded something. This isn't anything really special and its a simple design. you probably know from the title its the flag of Laurentia. If your wondering what the name means…. The nation of Laurentia take s place in North america.  Most the countries that had happen in are time line doesn't exist. Laurentia is an artificial state, before it existed, there were nations. These nation states were former European and Asian colonies that gain independence. There were even Amerindian nations (fancy word for native american). Laurentia is a dictatorship. Its a mix of socialism (But with out removing capitalism) and fascism. The world is in a fantasy setting but it takes place in modern times. I can go on forever, but don't have all day.

Meaning of the flag:

The blue represents the continent and the sky.

The white represents neutrality and peace.

The three lines represent the  ethnicity's that make up laurentia. The first line stands for decedents of Asia
, the pacific islands and Oceania. second line represents Amerindians and mix races. The third line represents Europeans and Africans.       
Happy New Years Comrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:happybounce: Huggle! :HappyNewYear: 
I'm not much of a "art critic" but I would say the design is very well original and beautiful. The bio on the other hand is perfect. Its original,short and simple. It made me feel interested about the character and want to learn more about him. I'm not sure if your still into to the kung fu panda band wagon but it would be cool to see him in his story. It can also be an original character and it can be in its own original story, but thats just me.

I would like to say it doesn't feel like it belongs in the kung fu panda universe.

Also don't make him to overpower and limit his magical powers.
Well it just snowed today. At least it wasn't a snow storm.

Snow by RoboticAnarchist
So. Let me start with the update. So my DAId isn't really accurate and I'm deciding to change it. So tomorrow it will be change. I will still do flags but, I m planning on posting traditional art,photos and literature. I'm a beginner so the traditional art won't be the greatest but, thats why I'm a student and I don't mind some feed back. The literature will be the fun part! Well, at least to me anyways. The reason is because I'm a writer and its the thing that I'm good at. So you will probably see short stories both fictional and non fictional. I do have a wattpad but, I wan't to post stories here as well.

 So now the two books that I'm writing. The first book that I will be writing is a fictional/alternate history book. Their will be magic and magical creatures that lives with humans in the year 2016. The book will be called the "Golden Calderon". I won't give the plot away because I'm kinda working on it. The second book is based on reality but, its fiction. The book will be called "Wildcats". The book is about a group of teenage anarchists who called themselves the wildcats! Also I would appreciate some illustrations and also the covers for the two books! I will cretid you but, Its your choice if you wan't to draw them. I will both publish them on wattpad and on deviant art! I don't know when they will finished do. 

So have a grate day!


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi my name is Eduardo and I'm 15 years old.
I'm a beginner artist to express myself and also learn how to improve my drawing skills.
I don't mind critiques and I don't mind help.
I'm also a writer and I go to an art school to improve in my writing. I also have a wattpad so hears the link:
Also I'm a anarchist mutualist/syndicalist.

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